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The LURM Search provides online access to Walworth County Land Use Information. The information provided in this application has been produced and processed from sources believed to be reliable. No warranty, expressed or implied is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of this information. The information contained herein will not be accepted as an official document.

For questions regarding the LURM Search, contact the Land Use & Resource Management Department at 262-741-4972.

 Select a Municipality
Select Tax Parcel Prefix
This is not a complete parcel or prefix list. This list is only parcels that have LURM permits and/or plans.

The first letter of the Parcel/Tax Key is the municipality code. Use the list below to identify the municipality name.

Municipality Prefix Listing
#     Village of Mukwonago C     Town of Richmond I     Town of Linn O     Town of Spring Prairie U     Village of Sharon
&     Village of Bloomfield D     Town of Whitewater J     Town of Geneva P     Town of East Troy V     Village of Walworth
*     City of Burlington E     Town of Walworth K     Town of LaFayette Q     Village of Darien W     Village of Williams Bay
/     City of Whitewater F     Town of Delavan L     Town of Troy R     Village of East Troy X     City of Delavan
A     Town of Sharon G     Town of Sugar Creek M     Town of Bloomfield S     Village of Fontana Y     City of Elkhorn
B     Town of Darien H     Town of La Grange N     Town of Lyons T     Village of Genoa City Z     City of Lake Geneva

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